Using the Calendar Control View in the Unified Interface

Often, we get asked to show records in a calendar view. I personally used the JavaScript-based Full Calendar many times in the past to do that. If your requirement is just showing the records on a calendar with basic functionality then the Calendar control in the unified interface might be your answer.

In the classic interface, we used to have a calendar control on the entity that only works in the Phone and Tablet Layouts. This control basically allows us to view the records on a calendar instead of just showing them in a list.

Moving to the unified interface, the “Web” option is now available. To test that, I created a dummy event entity with Start date, End date and Description fields.

A custom Entity with Start date, end date and description fields.

Then from the controls section on the new entity (use the classical interface designer as this is not available yet on the new designer), add a calendar view, enable it for web and bind the start,end and description fields to the fields we just created above. Note that the description field will show on the calendar, you either can bind it to the name of the record or a custom description field if you want to show more information. Save and Publish your changes.

Add the calendar control and bind the values

Now when you go to view the events, instead of the classical view, you will see a nice calendar view.

The calendar control shows instead of the classical view.

If you like to go back to the normal View list, you can do that from the top right corner.

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